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Management Trainee-Operations

Summary and Overview: 

Let's Excel Analytics Solutions LLP is a nascent stage start-up. We are looking for young talented management trainees who will help us create a best-in-class work culture. we look forward to working with fresh talent to streamline and standardize our existing while dumping wasteful activities. 

Job Description: 

Here is a brief overview of the expectations from the Trainee-Operations. We have tried to be as precise as possible, but as a start-up, we work in a highly dynamic environment. Hence the actual job responsibilities may include or exclude some of the expectations mentioned here. As a Management Trainee-Operations, you will work closely with the Operations Manager/ Founder to complete the following tasks:

  • Standardizing work processes and creating standard operating procedures, work instructions, templates, etc.

  • Developing tools to automate repetitious processes

  • Locating problems in the start-up's everyday activities

  • Establishing and monitoring employee schedules

  • Creating programs for employees’ professional development/ training needs

  • Establishing objectives for increased output and improved efficiency

  • Monitoring the overall budget of the business as well as departmental budgets

  • Establishing corporate guidelines and carrying out frequent changes while ignoring workflow and procedure

  • Resolving disputes between departments about resources

  • Examining the company’s resource management and looking for ways to boost employee productivity

  • Monitoring on-site projects and field operations

  • Resolving inventory management concerns

  • Constructing logistics-enhancing solutions

  • Organizing events to increase staff motivation and engagement

  • Analyzing data to calculate the cost-benefit ratio

Bachelor of Management Studies and Higher

Skills that will help:

  • Good oral and written communication in English and Hindi

  • Lean Management/ Operations Excellence

  • Six Sigma

  • Great observation skills with attention to detail