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Science Writer

Summary and Overview: 

Let's Excel Analytics Solutions LLP is a nascent stage start-up. We are looking for young science writers to attract new prospects. we look forward to working with fresh talent to assist us in digital marketing projects.

Job Description: 

Here is a brief overview of the expectations from the Science Writer. We have tried to be as precise as possible, but as a start-up, we work in a highly dynamic environment. Hence the actual job responsibilities may include or exclude some of the expectations mentioned here. As a Science Writer, you will work closely with the Data Scientist/ Founder to complete the following tasks:

  • Writing research-based content to discuss scientific trends, breakthroughs, and news

  • Finding opportunities for interviewing leading local science figures 

  • Proofing and applying Editor’s changes before publishing

  • Conducting reference searches

  • Work with our online team to organize, write, and edit the content on our website

  • Researching specialist media and literature, press releases and internal resources

  • Occasionally attend scientific conferences and events to learn about scientific breakthroughs

  • Visit research establishments

  • Plan content calendar with our Content Team Leads and Editors

  • Handle social media posts

  • Write case studies based on customer interviews


Bachelor of Management / B.Tech/BE  and Higher

Skills that will help:

  • R/Python

  • MS Excel

  • Strong foundation in statistics

  • Ability read, write and interpret complex information

  • Experience in Quality Management 

  • Strong LinkedIn presence