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20 open positions

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11/21/2023 09:06:18

Business Development Partner

20 open positions




Let’s Excel Analytics Solutions is a company that specializes in providing services in the form of:

·       Data Intelligence

o   Data Analytics as a Service

o   SaaS for Data Analytics

o   SaaS for Business Intelligence

o   SaaS for Research Intelligence

o   SaaS for Smart Automation

o   Deploying SaaS for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

o   Deploying SaaS for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

·       Subject Matter Expertise

o   Knowledge Process Outsourcing

o   Intellectual Property Rights Consulting

o   Patent filing support

o   Regulatory filing support

o   Digital Marketing

o   Science Writing

o   Quality Management

o   Quality by Design

o   Chemometrics

o   Training and Consulting

We are seeking a business partnership to expand our reach and increase the revenue. The following proposal outlines the key benefits of this partnership and how it can be mutually beneficial.

The Key Benefits of this Partnership includes:

1. Increased Revenue: By partnering with each other, we can reach a larger audience and increase our sales potential. This will result in a significant increase in revenue for both companies.


2. Cross-Promotion: Our partnership will allow us to cross-promote our products and services to each other’s customers, further expanding our reach and increasing our brand awareness.


3. Cost Savings: By combining our resources and sharing our knowledge, we can reduce operational costs and improve overall profitability.


4. Enhanced Customer Experience: Our partnership will allow us to provide our customers with a wider range of products and services, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.



We seek partnership for strategic business development. Following are the deliverables expected from our prospective partners:


·      Generating new leads

·      Nurturing the leads

·      Converting leads into sales qualified leads

·      Closing deals

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04/19/2023 11:39:08

Unpaid Intern

1 open positions
B2 21, Orchid Heights, Applewoods, Shela, Ahmedabad-380058
Station Road
Ahmedabad 380058
03/21/2024 13:35:00

Digital Marketing

1 open positions

Science Writer

Summary and Overview: 

Let's Excel Analytics Solutions LLP is a nascent stage start-up. We are looking for young science writers to attract new prospects. we look forward to working with fresh talent to assist us in digital marketing projects.

Job Description: 

Here is a brief overview of the expectations from the Science Writer. We have tried to be as precise as possible, but as a start-up, we work in a highly dynamic environment. Hence the actual job responsibilities may include or exclude some of the expectations mentioned here. As a Science Writer, you will work closely with the Data Scientist/ Founder to complete the following tasks:

  • Writing research-based content to discuss scientific trends, breakthroughs, and news

  • Finding opportunities for interviewing leading local science figures 

  • Proofing and applying Editor’s changes before publishing

  • Conducting reference searches

  • Work with our online team to organize, write, and edit the content on our website

  • Researching specialist media and literature, press releases and internal resources

  • Occasionally attend scientific conferences and events to learn about scientific breakthroughs

  • Visit research establishments

  • Plan content calendar with our Content Team Leads and Editors

  • Handle social media posts

  • Write case studies based on customer interviews


Bachelor of Management / B.Tech/BE  and Higher

Skills that will help:

  • R/Python

  • MS Excel

  • Strong foundation in statistics

  • Ability read, write and interpret complex information

  • Experience in Quality Management 

  • Strong LinkedIn presence

Internship duration & Stipend

Duration: 6 months, Location: Remote, Stipend: INR 3000- 8000 (Depending on Skills and Expertise)

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03/02/2023 08:54:10
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About us

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